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Resources & contacts for a variety of universities & programs for those seeking degrees in Nursing and other Healthcare roles!

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About Us  

Abstract Development and Submission (Publication & Presentation Resources)

Academic Progression

Academic Progression Milestone Tool

Academic Progression Roles and Responsibilities

Accountability Plan for Academic Progression

Accredited Nursing Degree Programs

Accu-chek resources (Glycemic Management resources & Nursing Policy)

Annual Interprofessional Awards *

Annual Nursing Assistant Appreciation Week & Awards

Annual Nursing Excellence Awards

Annual Report of the PNSO

APN Resources *

Aspiration - selected staff education

AvaSure TeleSitting - manual, video, great catch stories

Awards & Recognition



Basic Rhythm - selected staff education

Beds - selected staff education

Bed Alarms - selected staff education

Blood Cultures - selected staff education

Blood Products - selected staff education

BMAT - selected staff education

BSN Academic Progression FAQ

Bylaws & Operational Guidelines



Cabinet Summaries *

Calendar of coming Nursing changes & initiatives / related Policy & Request form

Cardiac Monitoring Telemetry - selected staff education (Nursing Policy)

Care Delivery Model is Relationship-based Care

Career Profile Instructions (previously known as “RN Professional Profile”)

Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant - selected staff education

CE Direct Application (on NPDS website)

Centrella beds - selected staff education (more here)

Certification home page

Certification Bonus

Certification Exam Pre-Pay Programs

Certification Name Plates / Wall Plaques

Certification Reimbursement

Certification Review / Preparation

Certification: Approved Certifications List

Charge Nurse Position - information and resource page

CHG Bath Wipe & Shower product guidance

Clinical Career Ladder

Clinical Career Ladder Instructions, Tutorials & How-To’s

Clinical Career Ladder Mentor List

Clinical Career Ladder Panelist Resources

Clinical Career Ladder Peer Review Template

Clinical Career Ladder Portfolio Development Resources

Clinical Career Ladder Self Evaluation Template

Clinical Career Ladder Timeline Calendar

Clinical Instructors - Approval Form for UVA School of Nursing Commitments *

Clinical Operations Directory (a.k.a. Leadership Directory; CCS Directory; PCS Directory)

Clinical Practice & Quality

Clinician Portal

CNA & PCT Awards - Annual Nursing Assistant Appreciation Week & Awards    

CNA, PCT & RN Committee [Now the Interprofessional Collaborative]

CNO Corner


CoMET ICU Prediction Assistant - select staff education

Committee Chair List

Committee Meeting Schedule

Committee Member Lists – Central  &  Regional Committees *

Committee Organizational Charts – Overall  &  Ambulatory Settings

Competency – Annual Mandatories (on NPDS site)

Condom Catheter - selected staff education

Contact Hour Resources (on NPDS site)

Continuing Education (on NPDS site)

Controlled Substance  - select staff education (Standard Work here)

Copan Flocked Swab - selected staff education

Core Documents

Critical Care Procedure Manual (on HS Documentation site)

Critical To Safety documents and links

CRRT - select staff education



DAISY Award information & nomination forms *

Defibrillator education

Dignishield - select staff education

Diversity Statement of the UVA Health System

Downtime Procedures (on HS Documentation site)

Draeger Ventilator V500 - select staff education



ECMO - select staff education (Nursing Policy)

Education Fair 10/13/2021 for UVA Health Employees - Nursing & Other Healthcare Degrees

Education Resources on Practice Topics, Supply / Equipment Instructions, etc

Educational Requirements for Nursing (Nursing Policy)

Eloise Dodge Gould Pediatric Nurse Education Award *

Envision / VersaCare - select staff education (more here)

2022 Evidence-Based Practice Symposium
EBPS Galleries from 20202019  |  2018  |  2017  |  2016  |  2015

Epic Precision Staffing/Patient Acuity Tool


Falls Prevention - select staff education (Nursing Policy)

Flu Vaccine - select staff education 2022

Focus Areas for Staff Education & Practice Resources (cumulative as more arise)

FormaFlex 2 Piece Ostomy Pouching



Glycemic Management - select staff education (Nursing Policy) (Accu-chek)



Hamilton G5 Ventilator - select staff education

Hazardous Drugs / Medications & USP 800

HoverMatt select staff education

HR Degree Verification Process FAQ

HUC Awards  (nominations in summer for August Awards Ceremony)

HUC Orientation Manual

HUC Resources website



ICU Prediction Assistant (CoMET) - select staff education

Initiative Request Form for Calendar of Nursing Operational Initiatives / related Policy

Integra AccuDrain - select staff education

Interprofessional Collaborative [formerly the CNA, PCT & RN Committee; now open to all healthcare specialist roles & settings!]

Intravenous Therapy - select staff education (Nursing Policy)

IV Fluid Overwrap - select staff education 

IV Interoperability - select staff education


J: no links currently






Lancets  - select staff education

Leadership Directory (a.k.a. Clinical Operations Directory; CCS Directory; PCS Directory)

Leading With HEART

Lippincott Nursing Procedures



Magnet Document (2019 submission)

Magnet Recognition Information and Resources

Medication Administration Standard Schedules / Off Schedule Dosing

Medi-Vac Liquid Waste Solidifier - select staff education

Mentorship Programs -  Clinical Career Ladder  |   Clinician 1 Transition to Practice  |     Night Shift Leaders  |  RN to BSN  |  Mentorship Program Ambassador Tools

Mistral Air Warming Blanket - select staff education

Monthly Shared Governance Topics



Neuro Checks  - select staff education

New Graduate Retention Program

News and Calendar

Night Shift Committee & Resources  |  Mentorship for Night Shift Leaders

Nominations for PNSO Office & Elections / Voting Information *

NPDS Website (Nursing Professional Development Services)

Nurse Leader Transition to Practice Resources


Nursing Assistant Appreciation Week & Awards

Nursing Cabinet Summaries

Nursing Educational Coordinators (NECs) (on NPDS site)

Nursing Focus Areas (new site *UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Nursing Honors

Nursing Policies (on HS Documentation site)

Nursing Research

Nursing Research: Active Studies

Nursing Research: Distinguishing between Evidence-based practice, Quality improvement, and Research projects

Nursing Research: IRB Resources

Nursing Research: Program Objectives & Outcomes

Nursing Research: Publications

Nursing Retention Program Overview

Nursing Work Plan 



Oral Care, Halyard Avanos - select staff education

Orientation Resources (on NPDS website)

Outcomes Report webform for Shared Governance committees



P500 Beds - select staff education

Pain Resource Manual (on HS Documentation site)

Past Nursing Awards Recipients & Nominations List * (& The DAISY Award list)

Peer Review   (Click here for Clinical Career Ladder Peer Review Template)

PNSO & Nursing Governance Team Directory

PNSO Home Page

Poster Development for RNs

Practice News cumulative index & archive

Practice/Policy Changes – Process Map

Preceptor Recognition Program

Preceptor Resources (on NPDS website)

Prediction Assistant (CoMET ICU) - select staff education

Preoperative Checklist for ED/Inpatient going to Main OR

PrimaFit Female External Urinary Catheter - select staff education (related Nursing Policies: IUC Insertion & Maintenance; IUC Removal & Urinary Retention)

Procedural Area Phone Directory (part of Leadership Directory)

Procedural Sedation - select staff education

Professional Development & Continuing Education

Professional Practice Model for UVA Nursing (PPM)

Progressa beds - select staff education (more here)

Publication and Presentation Resources


Q:  no links currently



Relationship-based Care is our Care Delivery Model

Restraints - select staff education (Nursing Policy)

Retention homepage Program Overview  |  Retention Data  |  New Graduates

RN to BSN Mentorship Program



Safety Lancets - instructions for use

Scholarship Application to obtain ADN, BSN or higher Nursing degree (UVA Medical Center employees only)

Selected Staff Educational Resources for Clinical Practice

Self-Care & Resilience

Shared Governance

Shared Governance Monthly Topics

Shared Governance Toolkit

Sharps Injury Prevention  - select staff education

Solidifier for Liquid Waste/Fluid Management

Specimens - select staff education (see also Nursing Policy)

Specimens, Urine  - select staff education

Staff Education Resources for Clinical Practice (selected; more on NPDS site and LMS)

Standard Work Repository (on HS Documentation site)

StatSeal Topical Powder - select staff education

StayFIX Fixation Device - select staff education


Suicide Prevention  - select staff education (Nursing Policy)



TAPS positioning - select staff education

Team Directory (Nursing Governance Programs)

TeleSitting (Remote Video Monitoring; AvaSure) - manual, video, great catch stories

Thomas Buckley Memorial Endowment Fund 

Thursday BLAST email newsletters (select highlights)

Trialysis hemodialysis catheter and infusion power injectable catheter

Tuition Support



UVA Medical Center Approval Form for UVA School of Nursing Clinical Instructor Commitments *

UVA Nursing Careers (HR Recruiting)



Values of UVA Nurses

VanishPoint Blood Collection Sets (needle retraction safety mechanism)

VanishPoint Syringes (needle retraction safety mechanism)

Ventilator, Draeger V500 - select staff education

Ventilator, Hamilton G5 - select staff education

Verathon Bladder Scan i10 - select staff education

VersaCare / Envision - select staff education (more here)

Vial2Bag Admixture Device - select staff education

Vimeo Videos from our PNSO President, CNO, and nursing team

Vision Statement for Nursing



Workplace Violence Zero Tolerance

Work Plan, Nursing (FY20 Update coming soon!)


X, Y:  no links currently


Z-Flo Fluid Positioner - select staff education

Zoll defibrillators  - select staff education