**Important Information: Annual $300 Certification Bonus**

Tuesday, February 28 at 23:59 is the deadline to have your eligible and active professional board certification entered and approved by your manager in Workday to be eligible for the 2023 Certification Bonus. It will be included in the March 24, 2023 paycheck.


Please review the eligibility criteria by clicking HERE.  For assistance with entering your certification into Workday, click on “I’m certified! Now what?”

Why We Value Professional Board Certification

The growth and development of our UVA Medical Center Registered Nurses is a high priority. There is a growing body of nursing research and clinical evidence that supports high RN professional board certification rates correlating with better patient care outcomes. Achieving national certifications in one’s nursing specialty increases professional pride and competency!

At UVA Medical Center, we encourage our nurses to pursue certification in their specialty. Professional board certification ensures that we provide the safest possible care for our patients. Certification is currently a requirement for Clinician 3, and Clinician 4 roles. 

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