The interview date for the September 2023 is set for September 20, 2023.

The CCL Calendar provides the dates for future cycles.


NPGO Clinical Career Ladder 2023

Based on feedback from Clinical Career Ladder (CCL) Committee Panelists, applicants, and clinical nurses across the organization, the Nursing Professional Governance Organization (NPGO) Cabinet has approved significant changes to the CCL effective in February 2023.  These changes align with updates in clinical ladder literature and peer organizations.

Summary of changes 2023:

Advancement process will include:

  • Readiness assessment with verbal peer review (see links at left)
  • Online application includes manager approval, CV/resume, and documentation of eligibility (Certification, Professional Organization Membership)
  • Interview with a panel of peers from other practice settings, the applicant’s manager and a professional nurse peer of the applicant’s choosing, to present the required elements and next-level behaviors. (no written portfolio)
  • The Clinical Career Ladder advancement calendar will provide standardized application and interview dates to support improved planning for panelists and applicants

Congratulations to our most recent advancees from 2023 Cycle 5 (August cycle).
Effective date of advancement for these team members is September 3, 2023.


Emily Morrill - Women's Health Services

Ryan Thomas - STICU

Shanice Artis - MICU

Olivia Morton - Women's Health Services

Abagail (Villavicencio) Goodwin - Main OR

Julie Price - Orthopedic Center Ivy Road (Pre/Post)


Danita Massie - Interventional Radiology

Gregory Ford - EP Lab

Lyndsey Isner - PACU