Annual Professional Development Goal

Academic Progression

As a process to support you in successfully completing your BSN degree within five years of hire, we provide you with a Professional Development Goal focused on this achievement for your performance appraisal.  This goal is based upon your personalized Milestone Tool, giving you credit for the work you are doing to achieve this professional achievement. This will be your professional development goal every year until you graduate.

Below is language for the goal, a metric for meets and an opportunity for you and your manager to establish a meaningful exceeds metric. 

FY(enter year) Nursing Professional Development Goal: Academic Progression

I will establish and remain on track with my academic progression plan via the Milestone Tool, holding a progress touchpoint with my manager two times during the performance cycle.

Meets = Established Milestone Tool and am on track

Exceeds Ideas (Select 1 or create own exceeds metric and delete the others):

  • I am ahead of the timeline I established (i.e. identify top 3 programs, applications submitted by x date, enrolled in a program, class completion, etc.)
  • On track and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher in all completed classes
  • On track and participate in the RN to BSN Mentorship Program
  • On track and I will provide an in-service to my team based on content I am learning before (insert date)”

Actions for you to take: 

  • Edit the exceeds metric so it is meaningful to you
    • Select 1 of the options provided and delete the others, or, enter your own exceeds metric that is meaningful to you
  • Add a weight to the goal, evenly distributed with your other goals
  • Questions about goal setting can be sent to